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Firstly, our doggo's.

Wags 'n' Whiskers ltd.

Wags and whiskers are your dogs new best friend. We become close, irreplaceable friends with you and your animals. Always having their best interests at heart. If we feel they are not enjoying their experience the best they can, we will work closely with you and your dog to change that. If unsuccessful, we recommend other trusted dog walkers who we feel can better suit their needs.

Our collective background is animal crazy. We have cared for a vast amount of animals during our time and have ambitions to do this for the rest of our lives. We have worked in kennels, veterinary practices, along side behaviourists and with trainers. There were many area's within each of these industries that we didn't enjoy. This is how we landed in domestic animal care. Over the years we have developed the skill to see things before they happen. By this, I mean we have a particularly good skill of reading your dogs body language. This is a priceless skill to have in this industry and it enables us to take control of situations or progressing negative behaviours. The best thing about this job is helping owners build their relationship with their dog after we have taken a lot of the stress out of their lives.

Our Team.

Our team includes close family and highly trusted individuals that have been through extensive dog handling and health and safety training. Assuring the safety of your dogs, our own dogs and the business. Our 5 star reviewed services offer everything you could need as an animal lover. Day care, pop in visits, Pack walks, 1-1 and much much more. With over 8 years of successfully running this family business, we have built such loyal and wholesome relationships with our clients, but more importantly, their dogs.

Our Story

Wags 'n' Whiskers was just an extravagant dream for many years. Before actually committing to Wags 'n' Whiskers, working voluntarily in kennels. Learning a lot about what it takes to truly love our four legged friends. We have experience in veterinary nursing, behaviourist training and an obvious one, dog owning. Which isn't always a given in this industry. We make sure all our members have at least basic behavioural knowledge before even being eligible for our WNW training. After having owned and fostering many dogs in the past, we still adore owning and loving our current family pack of 5. As do our team members with their own fur families. Realising how misunderstood and misread dogs truly are, we noticed that the ones mostly disregarded and rehomed, were the ones that weren't going to the trainers and just becoming a menace to their owners households.  This is where we feel we step in.  Our thought was, if our services could be cheap enough and accessible enough, we could step in before rehoming decisions are made. Train, advice and correct the behaviours that typically cause owners to re-home.  Now, of course, not every dog is a misunderstood menace. But we love to help direct and productively intervene to help any of our clients with any issues they might have.  

  Amongst our team we have every basis covered. From qualified veterinary relationships, to direct lines to behaviourist Trainers. We are only a few clicks away from quality professional advise that could change your relationship, and your life, with your dog. On top of that, we even have qualified carpenters at our disposal that help securing our clients gardens and households for your new family member.



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