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Pack walks

We collect your pup(s) from your home or work place late morning/early afternoon. Unless requested otherwise. Pack walks are £15 and typically last 2-4 hours from collection to drop off. 

Day Care

Day care needs to be discussed for an accurate price but prices typically are £20-£35 for a 6-24 hr duration. We generally do all collections and drop offs but this can be discussed, time dependant. We provide walks and feeding if required.


We collect and return your pup from your home or place of work at an arranged time. One on one walks are £16 and typically last 1-2 hours from collection to drop off. 

Walk 'n' Wash

Walk 'n' wash is a pack walk and a professional wash and blow dry. Nail trimming can be arranged. Prices vary for dog- situation but prices typically are £25-£45.

Pop in Visits

Pop in Visits are £10 and last 30-45 minutes. We do necessary requirements such as cleaning up any accidents or mess. Allowing them outside if needed, water replenishing and feeding. 

Pet Sitting

£35 pet sitting is a fixed rate for any daily duration. We have dedicated female staff that will meet you, build a relationship and keep your dog company in the comfort of your own home.  


Book your Meet and Greet

FREE meet and greets are a superb way for us to get to meet each other. We can build a relationship and answer any questions you might have. This is also an amazing opportunity for your dog to familiarise themselves with us and learn that we are not a stranger or a threat. This makes it easier for when we come to collect them for their service. Get booked in today with a simple message. 

The Priority

Our priority on walks is safety, enjoyment and enrichment. Dog walks aren't just throwing balls in a field. Social stimulus and mental stimulus is what we aim for. Did you know that 15 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of 1 full hours worth of ball throwing? 
The walks.
"Wags 'n' Whiskers are a god send to me and our beagle. Super professional, come and collects her in the doggy bus while I’m at work and cleans her off when she drops her off! She is out the house longer than an hour usually which is fab as my beagle is not on her own for too long. I would highly recommend them! Xx"
"Wags 'n' Whiskers have been very professional and lovely throughout, the first time I met them my pup loved them and I knew that he’d be happy. Oggy loves his walks so much and is always tired when he comes home Mollie always lets me know when she’s picked Oggy up and dropped him home and lets me know how he’s been and sends some beautiful photos. It’s a godsend for when I’m on long shifts at work and I know my puppy is well looked after. Also a great price! Much cheaper than a lot of other dog walkers for the amazing service you get"
"Mollie, Billy and the gang have been such a help in our busy little lives. We have two dogs that we send to them when we are busy at work on day shifts and they LOVE seeing their pals! Molly always informs us when she has picked them up and when they are safely home again, and provides us with many many lovely pictures of their time with the herd of pups. It has improved our youngest dogs social skills and it’s so good to see them all interacting with one another. They have also been for a doggy stay last winter and their service was professional as ever. We wouldn’t go anywhere else now!"
"Why do i do this job? Because of the community I've nestled myself into. I work 7 days a week but I'm surrounded by dogs and clients I consider my close friends. It's amazing"     

M. Eaterbrook.


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