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The Lizard Peninsula

Providing Everything You Need

Charlotte Hall

" Wags and whiskers are a god send to me and our beagle. Super professional, come and collects her in the doggy bus while I’m at work and cleans her off when they drops her off! She is out the house longer than two hours, which is fab as my beagle is not on her own for too long. I would highly recommend them!"

Duncan Watson

"I would highly recommend them, since our initial meet and greet they have been amazing. Colin (the dog) loves his time playing with the other dogs. Mollie aways keeps me up to date on the going ons with Colin and sends great pics of his activities. Very reliable, conscientious, and understands the dogs needs. Thank you Mollie and Billy"

Claire Nicoll

"Wags 'n' Whiskers have really turned our dog’s lives around. We only have to say ‘wags and whiskers’ and they are up, running to the window looking for the bus! With ever changing work patterns, knowing the pups have been collected, walked and returned safely takes a weight off our minds. Cannot recommend them highly enough and I think Doof and Dora would go everyday if we allowed it!

What we offer

Hey! This is Mollie, the director of our south west Cornwall branch. Here at wags and whiskers we understand that reliability is as equally important as the safety and enjoyment of our services. This is why we have taken the many provisions we have to ensure ourselves as "bomb proof" as possible. We have multiple team members all with different unique abilities ready to jump into action when needed. Further more, we have multiple vans and drivers. Meaning we aren't going to let you down with mechanical issues or ill staff members. We even have three private walking locations that ensure the safety of us and the members in our care. We are fully insured as individuals as well as a company, so if a worst case scenario situation were to arise, you are 100% covered financially. 

Image by Marliese Streefland

Meet and Greets

Our Meet and greets are always free. Surprisingly this isn't always the case with other service providers. Meet and greets are our most favourite way to get closer with our clients. This session allows you to get to know us on a personal level and allows us to create a friendship with you and your dog. This tine is perfect for us to access and read your dogs behaviour, allowing us to understand where they will best fit in. 

Dogs with Dog Walker


As I'm sure you've read by now, Wags and Whiskers honestly do pride themselves on flexibility and reliability. Meaning we are extremely lenient on advanced noticed times and we don't mind last minute changes or bookings. This being said, of course we are limited to commitments to other clients but we will always try a very best to accommodate your requests. 

Image by Pauline Loroy


 Our payment plans, memberships and online booking services make easy work of a stressful process. Once you have been through our meet and greeting process, you can open a Wags 'n' Whiskers account. These accounts reveal memberships that hold exclusive discounts and special offers each month. Payments can be weekly, monthly or service by service. The choice is yours.

Dog Walker at the Park

See our most loved services below.

Here are some of our most trusted and well used services. We offer a tailored experience for every dog. Contact us today to book your free meet and greet.  

Meet & Greet

Book your FREE meet and greet today and join us. In order to use any one of our services you need to have been through our induction. Once you have Officially become a part of the pack we are at your complete disposal.

Dogs with trainer

Pack walks

Pack walks are an amazing social experience for your pooch. Not to mention the great value for money.  At just £15 our pack walks typically last 2-5 hours and are a perfect way to guarantee a snoozy pooch at home home whilst you're busy. This is our independent perk and equal value will not be found at any other branch or service provider.  

one on one

1-1 Walks are £15 and a great way for us to get to know your dog, especially if they have any anxieties or reactivities. This service is designed around positive reinforcement methods to help you as an owner as much as possible. The aim of the game is to get them comfortable enough to join the pack walks and start making progress on you and your dogs confidence journey.

Dog Portrait
Groomed Dog

Walk 'n' wash

A service which has proven  an absolute life saver at times. Our walk and wash is simply a 1-2 hour pack walk with a tailored wash and dry at the end. Meaning they're typically out of the house for 2-4 hours. On return they're absolutely shattered, clean and smelling amazing. 

Pet sitting

We have dedicated, reliable, DBS checked team members who will respectfully take care of both your home and your dog whilst you're away. This is valuable to you for anything from a last minute date, night at the pub or a break from it all on holiday. For £35 for 24 hours its a perfect reason to book a meet and greet so you are eligible to use the service. 

German Boxer
Cute Dog


Let them stay the day, our £25-£40 day care services are wonderful at keeping your dog happy, content, your home safe from ruin and your mind is at ease. For particularly busy people this is a service built for you. collections and drops arranged at your comfort. Feeding and exercise all taken care of.

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About us

Wags 'n' Whiskers Lizard is the original and foundering branch of wags 'n' whiskers ltd.


Let them experience true freedom with Wags 'n' Whiskers ltd. Whilst you're at work, or just out of the house. We collect them, socialise them and return them safe and sound. Our private pasture, filled with interactive games and stimulus, a controlled environment that guarantees satisfaction for even the most hyperactive of dogs. Making your return home a delight, instead of a chore.

Our team includes close family and highly trusted individuals that have been through extensive dog handling and health and safety training. Assuring the safety of your dogs, our own dogs and the business. Our 5 star reviewed services offer everything you could need as an animal lover. Day care, pop in visits, Pack walks, 1-1 and much much more. Check out our Facebook page to see the hundreds of reviews and clients we currently work with. With over 8 years of successfully running this family business, we have built such loyal and wholesome relationships with our clients, but more importantly, their dogs.

Doggie Stay

We noticed that the ones most typically misread and rehomed were the ones that were already showing signs of needing help and inevitably becoming a menace to their owners households.  This is where we feel we step in.  If our services could be cheap enough and accessible enough our unique background with dogs could help first time owners across the country and correct he behaviours that typically cause owners to re-home.



Amongst our team we have every basis covered. From qualified veterinary relationships and behaviourist contacts we are only a few clicks away from professional advise that could change your relationship and life with your pooch. On top of that we even have qualified carpenters at our disposal to help securing gardens and households for your new family member. All at affordable prices. Our goal in this industry is to be the most recognised, most helpful and most loving pet service in the country.

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