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Dog Walker

Our goal as your local dog walkers

Simply, our goal is to make you life easier and your dogs life better. 

Dogs Running
Walking the Dog
Dog Outdoors
Boy Walking His Dog
Hand-Feeding a Stray Dog
Female Dog Walker
Dog Walker at the Park

What we love.

Having been in this industry for so long, we have watched a lot of animals grow, mature and become amazing life time companions to their owners. We love becoming apart of your life and watching it evolve as times go on. Knowing that we are there if you need us is a perk of the business we could have never have foreseen. From being called to help at mid-night because they have escaped. To Rushing to the vets because of lack of transport. There have been a lot of scenarios over the years that would have ended fatally worse if we hadn't of been your life. 

What we hate.

The worst part of having done this for so long? The attachment. We have been doing this loyally for so long that we have watched some of our longest, most loved dogs, grow old and pass away. We honestly see your dogs as our own. How can we not? We see them 5 days a week, play with them, bond with them, care for them. They become an extension of our own fur family and to see them in the un avoidable end stages is the hardest part of this job. A part that  we will never get used to.

Image by Pauline Loroy
Dog with a toy
Three Shelties
Dalmatian Dog
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